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How to pass ACCA in First attempt?

We teach you the “Trick”. Learn easily & instantly understand the concepts. We are here to help you in your ACCA journey by providing Video lectures, Mock Exams and other free resources

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100% online course

100% online course

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100% Pass Assurance

At Wow Academics, we provide On-Demand video Class and are very confident that our services will help you to pass your exams with amazing marks. Our confidence reflects in offering “2 Day Money Back Guarantee” and “Pass Assurance.”

Just try our service for 2 days and see the progress in your studies, you will be excited and would enjoy the learning!

If you have not got what we had promised even after going through our courses you can let us know why and we’ll send your money back. You can find our return policy here

We also give you Pass Assurance. Our standard course comes with 100 days active period. If you don’t manage to pass your exam in that sitting, don’t worry – we will happily prolong your access. Or if you require a few days of extra access for better preparation, Just send an email.

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OUR Promise to YOU

100% Pass Assurance

2 Day Money Back Guarantee – We want you to be sure that you’ve made the right choice. We strongly believe in the quality of our products. However, if for any reason you don’t like what you got AND you have only seen up to 10% of all the material, we can track your progress from our back-end system. Send us an email at stating why our service is not meeting you expectations and we will refund you your money.

Pass Assurance – If you use our video course to prepare for your ACCA exam and could not clear that exam sitting, we will prolong your access to the video course for another 100 days. Just email us on with a picture of your score and we will prolong it from the exam result date to the next exam sitting date.

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Feedback from Students

Praseed Jagannathan

I was a student of Mr. Shyam Prasad during the foundation and skills level of ACCA. Mr. Shyam was great at communicating complex concepts with a certain ease. His classes were lively and he would constantly keep the students thinking and coming up with better ideas. He always was and still is open to help with anything possible. He had a considerable impact on my reading, both quantity and quality, and the discussions about the books with him were particularly fruitful.

Praseed Jagannathan (ACCA), Financial Researcher

Bharath Natarajan, ACCA Student

Great learning experience. Goes beyond the classroom and gives relevant insights. Teaches strategically and ensures that the student understands a concept or an idea.

Bharath Natarajan, ACCA Student

Bhargava Rushi,

Hi Shyam Prasad, I liked your video, it added few more points to my list that hopefully help succeed in my case study exam in May’18. Thank you for making and publishing this video.

Bhargava Rushi,

VGC V4 Global Consulting

Very good work Shyam Prasad, that’ll help the students preparing for the SCS.

VGC V4 Global Consulting

Meghana Thakkar

Fantastic analysis and thank you for your efforts

Meghana Thakkar
We teach you the “Trick”. Learn easily & instantly understand the concepts. We are here to help you in your ACCA

+91 80560 82921


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